Sunday, December 14, 2008

To My Lovely Tippy

On the birthday of my beloved friend Tiffany Austin, I would like to look back at all the great things that exist because of her and the great memories with her that I hold dear in my heart. So here's a brief list for my dearest Tippy on the day she turns 24:

                                              (sophomore year in the HFAC)

- Without Tippy the name "Nugg" would not exist, nor this blog for that matter as she is the one who once asked me, do you want your name to be 'lil hooker boot' or 'lil nugg'? I opted for Lil Nugg, and it changed my life. While there are many variations of the nickname Lil Nugg, (she told me I was tender like a little chicken nugget), Tippy will always be the reason I have that name and so, I thank you.
                                       (Tippy at me and V's graduation dinner)
- Lacrosse just wouldn't have been the same. I was the student trainer for the lacrosse team for a whole year and Tippy went on almost all the trips as her dear husband Joshua was a superstar and captain for the lax team. Those wonderful nights of meeting her in her hotel room, singing gwen stefani in the back of a 12 passenger rapist van, and occasionally even getting to share a bed and then hit up the local nightlife (aka the strip and $5 tables).
                                       (LAX National Championship in Dallas)

-Sophomore and Jr Year.... Tippy was my roommate for 1.5 of those and without her as my roommate there would be several key things missing in my life. And i mean KEY:
1. She instilled in me a great love for funfetti cake
2. She taught me that potato bugs were real
3. She helped me gain an obsession for RVCA clothing
4. She helped me through my first game of blackjack and all the way to $100 in profit
5. She gave me a blackjack problem because of the above result
6. She taught me how to make delicious fresh salsa, furthering my salsa addiction
7. She reminded me how much I love cream soda
8. She tried to teach me how to save money and possibly slowed my downward spending spiral
9. She taught me that there is never an excuse to wear jean on jean. or gladiator sandals for that matter.

                                                               (Tippy & I in Vegas)
               (Tippy was one of the few ppl to ever agree to ride w/me on my scooter)
                                                          (making salsa)
                                              roommates at V's wedding

and last,
The fact that Tippy and Josh were possibly going to live near Huntington Beach was one of the deciding factors in my choice of where to go to Grad school and live for the next 3+ years. Unfortunately, Tippy has not yet escaped the state of Utah, but when she does, I'm here waiting for her. And so is the amazing beach weather and south coast plaza and christmas boat parade.

I love you Tippy, thank you for being born!

                                                         Team Sprinklz bowling

(( Sorry if this was poorly's finals week.....))


Josh said...

hahahaha i can not even begin to tell you how amazing this post has been. i'm not even joking, it seriously made my night. i look back on all of these memories and just love you to death! you have a good memory too... i forgot about team sprinklz... you rock my world and i'm so glad we are friends forever and ever and ever. seriously nugg... you're my favorite.

veronica and alden said...

this brought a tear to my eye

Josh and Tiff said...

i just realized i typed my comment under josh's name... redo. it was really me. tiffany.