Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leones y Tigres y Osos, ay mi!

Monday we went to Palermo, which is supposed to be a newer 'up and coming' neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires with lots of restaurants and shopping. We got off the subway there and were standing in the middle of a plaza determining which way to go when an old man just face plants right behind me and starts going into a grand mal seizure. His dentures popped out and his face is bloody from hitting the pavement, and his seizure goes on for about 40 seconds. Fortunately someone near us called 911 (yes, it's the same, i prob wouldve asked something like 'hey, whats the number to 911 here?') and the police were there in like less than a minute. So after that strange event, we went to a garden where I met a bunch of venice's friends, we had a delicious lunch which involved more meat for me, and we did some (window) shopping and then headed home.

Venice's drunk Argentine cousin

We went to TEMAIKEN! It's an aquarium, zoo, and botanical gardens all in one, and it was fabulous. We took a charter bus there, it was like an hour away and we got to see the suburbs of the city (quite different from downtown, lots more poverty and a lot more run down), and then we arrived in Escobar where the park is. It was clean and super well laid out and pretty and awesome and we got to see a good portion of it. Nothing was in English so I got to learn a lot of animal names in Spanish, there were lots of great exhibits, I especially loved the sharks swimming above us! We ended the day with walking along Ave Santa Fe and then dinner at a restaurant where there was a Colombia vs. Argentina soccer game going on, and when Messi scored, there was an eruption of cheers as if everyone there had won the lottery. The service was a bit slower than normal as the cook and waiter and everyone in between had their eyes on the game. Don't worry, Argentina won.

Tender wallabee moment

flamingo quarrel

We did a tour of the Teatro Col on (yes, I laughed at that name - and yes there's an accent over the second o which i am too lazy to figure out how to do) which is one of the most famous opera houses around. it was super impressive, we got to sit in some of the box seats and watch the pit practice for tonight's performance. We went to Patio Bullrich which is a fancy mall downtown and ate in the foodcourt and did some shopping and got desert- delicious ice cream at Freddo's, and then headed home. Lots of walking : ) But it is needed after all the food I'm eating. Hope all is well in the estados unidos!

(Mozart statue in foyer of teatro colon- vickyj-remember when you'd always wanna watch Amadeus? Also, when you used my oboe paper? )

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Los Caballeros y La Casa Rosada

So, it's late and we just got home, they weren't kidding about people in Buenos Aires being up late, we had to wait 20 minutes to get a table at a pizza place for dinner at midnight, and there was still a line when we left. It's awesome. Anyway, I'm tired so I will briefly summarize today's main events:

We got to tour the Casa Rosada- which is the Pink House and is basically the Argentine version of the White House, and it was awesome.

I chose a good day to wear Argentina colors.

I met Armando. We hit it off, I thought maybe we should start dating.

I caught Armando texting a girl named "Victoria" saying "hey, I'll see you tonight ;)" and I was like omgosh Armando, emoticons? We are so done.

So then, what's the best revenge? Go out with his hotter friend. So this is me and Marco. This photo was taken after we'd been going steady for about 17 seconds. We're prettymuch a match made in la casa rosa.

So me and Marco are really happy, but when I got home late tonight there was Hot Doorman who appeared in his mid twenties and looked fine in his security uniform drinking a pepsi to get through the night shift. Mom tried to set us up saying that I had just drank a pepsi, too. I'm surprised that didn't seal the deal. Don't get me wrong, I haven't given up on Marco completely, but I do have my eye on Hot Doorman. Also, Armando texted, he wants to 'talk' over lunch. Yea right, I think I'll show up there with Marco. Or Hot Doorman.....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ha llegado

I've arrived in Argentina. Our flight from LAX to Lima, Peru was long but not too bad. Our flight to Buenos Aires got cancelled because of ashes from the volcano blowing, but four or so hours later we got a flight and landed in Buenos Aires. John, an Irishman raised in England now Argentinian picked us up and took us straight to our apartment which was very nice. He told us lots of great things he loved about the city. The apartment is a studio, but it's nice, the decoration is...well,- this one is for you, Veronica:
I find it tasteful and classic. Our view from the balcony is pretty typical in downtown:

I kinda wish i had binoculars and could recreate that Hitchock movie, minus the wheelchair broken leg or whatever part:

So today, Friday, we went downtown to Galerias Pacificos, a really nice mall and to Florida St where they have lots of shops and vendors. The mall was beautiful inside:

We went to the food court in Galerias Pacificos, and it's not your average food court. It was about brunch time, and I walked up to one place which had a bunch of "value meal combo" options that came with fries and a soda, but they were all cuts of meat. A menu of just steak. I have finally found my place in the world. Ejemplo:

I don't know if you can see it, but it's all just pictures of meat. We sat down there and I ordered steak obviously, it was delicious and super cheap. He asked if I wanted a sideorder, I said no, just gimme the steak:

After, we went to a department store so I could get a flat iron since it is tradition for me to break or fry my flatiron everytime I go to another country, no exception here, but at least now i dont need a converter. I will, however need a converter to use it when i get back to the US. Oh well : )

We took a stroll through Plaza San Martin which is pretty:

And finished the day at a bakery where I got 2 empanadas and some sandwiches de miga and then to the supermarket "Disco" where we got some ñoquis and fresh bread and Brie. I may gain 10 pounds. Tomorrow hopefully we will go to the Casa Rosada where Evita gave her famous speeches from the balcony:

Hasta manana o algo.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Nothing says spring like a sunny snowboarding session:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Make A Deal

One time I went on a gameshow, I met wayne brady, i wore a penguin costume, and i didnt really win anything. but it was pretty memorable none the less, especially from all the random ppl telling me..... i think i saw u on tv in a penguin costume..... If you found yourself wondering the same thing...yes, that was me.

Here's the link, I'm the first contestant:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Speaking of Bieber

When I get an email that says "star in a music video with justin bieber", I don't just ignore it. I immediately drop everything even if it's almost 11 at night and i have to pack for a flight in the morning. But let me tell you, it was worth it. And not just because it proves Biebs and I make a great couple, also because this is probably the best I have ever danced in my life:

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And in case you missed the close up:

Who's going to see Never Say Never with me????

Friday, January 14, 2011

America's Next Top Bieber

So the other day on my first of two slurpee runs for that day, I saw this magazine cover:

I looked at his girlish face and thought, Justin Bieber has an America's Next Top Model face. That blank slate Tyra is always talking about, he is perfect. So, I took it upon myself to pursue my theory and see how Justin Bieber would compare as an ANTM contestant:

Next up, Bieber vs. McKell:

Bieber vs. Samantha

So are you still not convinced? Okay, I put bieber in the lineup, see if you can pick him out:

Think you found him? Cuz I put him in twice. 5th from the left and 2nd from the right.

Ok then, how about this one:

Yeah, it was meant to be. Who's with me in nominating Bieber for the next cycle?