Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 days, 300 Miles

So my car was low on coolant, naturally I ignored that for a couple days. Well, apparently it was a coolant emergency cuz then my car was smoking when I got to school. Seven hundred dollars and a new radiator later, the Chief is back in action. But, I needed a car to drive to school the two days Chief was out of commission. Well, Sean at Hertz said he wanted to make my day and surprised me with a free car upgrade, he even put the top down for me to peel out of the parking lot in style;

A 2010 Mustang convertible. So I put over 300 miles on it in 2 days. It definitely softened the blow of paying for car repairs. And let me tell you, there is nothing like driving down PCH on a sunny day with the top down. Thank you Sean from Hertz.


Josh and Tiff said...

hahahahah! of all the things to finally blog about. this is it ladies and gentlemen!! i miss you nugg, and you look hot without a top... err, i mean. well you know what i mean.

veronica and alden said...

nuggs i love you! i hope you marry that guy.