Saturday, November 12, 2011

Los Caballeros y La Casa Rosada

So, it's late and we just got home, they weren't kidding about people in Buenos Aires being up late, we had to wait 20 minutes to get a table at a pizza place for dinner at midnight, and there was still a line when we left. It's awesome. Anyway, I'm tired so I will briefly summarize today's main events:

We got to tour the Casa Rosada- which is the Pink House and is basically the Argentine version of the White House, and it was awesome.

I chose a good day to wear Argentina colors.

I met Armando. We hit it off, I thought maybe we should start dating.

I caught Armando texting a girl named "Victoria" saying "hey, I'll see you tonight ;)" and I was like omgosh Armando, emoticons? We are so done.

So then, what's the best revenge? Go out with his hotter friend. So this is me and Marco. This photo was taken after we'd been going steady for about 17 seconds. We're prettymuch a match made in la casa rosa.

So me and Marco are really happy, but when I got home late tonight there was Hot Doorman who appeared in his mid twenties and looked fine in his security uniform drinking a pepsi to get through the night shift. Mom tried to set us up saying that I had just drank a pepsi, too. I'm surprised that didn't seal the deal. Don't get me wrong, I haven't given up on Marco completely, but I do have my eye on Hot Doorman. Also, Armando texted, he wants to 'talk' over lunch. Yea right, I think I'll show up there with Marco. Or Hot Doorman.....

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veronica r said...

i hope maria really did tell the doorman you had pepsi. and i can't believe you and marco linked arms so quickly