Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leones y Tigres y Osos, ay mi!

Monday we went to Palermo, which is supposed to be a newer 'up and coming' neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires with lots of restaurants and shopping. We got off the subway there and were standing in the middle of a plaza determining which way to go when an old man just face plants right behind me and starts going into a grand mal seizure. His dentures popped out and his face is bloody from hitting the pavement, and his seizure goes on for about 40 seconds. Fortunately someone near us called 911 (yes, it's the same, i prob wouldve asked something like 'hey, whats the number to 911 here?') and the police were there in like less than a minute. So after that strange event, we went to a garden where I met a bunch of venice's friends, we had a delicious lunch which involved more meat for me, and we did some (window) shopping and then headed home.

Venice's drunk Argentine cousin

We went to TEMAIKEN! It's an aquarium, zoo, and botanical gardens all in one, and it was fabulous. We took a charter bus there, it was like an hour away and we got to see the suburbs of the city (quite different from downtown, lots more poverty and a lot more run down), and then we arrived in Escobar where the park is. It was clean and super well laid out and pretty and awesome and we got to see a good portion of it. Nothing was in English so I got to learn a lot of animal names in Spanish, there were lots of great exhibits, I especially loved the sharks swimming above us! We ended the day with walking along Ave Santa Fe and then dinner at a restaurant where there was a Colombia vs. Argentina soccer game going on, and when Messi scored, there was an eruption of cheers as if everyone there had won the lottery. The service was a bit slower than normal as the cook and waiter and everyone in between had their eyes on the game. Don't worry, Argentina won.

Tender wallabee moment

flamingo quarrel

We did a tour of the Teatro Col on (yes, I laughed at that name - and yes there's an accent over the second o which i am too lazy to figure out how to do) which is one of the most famous opera houses around. it was super impressive, we got to sit in some of the box seats and watch the pit practice for tonight's performance. We went to Patio Bullrich which is a fancy mall downtown and ate in the foodcourt and did some shopping and got desert- delicious ice cream at Freddo's, and then headed home. Lots of walking : ) But it is needed after all the food I'm eating. Hope all is well in the estados unidos!

(Mozart statue in foyer of teatro colon- vickyj-remember when you'd always wanna watch Amadeus? Also, when you used my oboe paper? )


ap said...

how cool! we'll save you some snow in case you get sick of having nice weather all the time.

veronica r said...

looks like you're gettin a nice tan! i will forever be grateful that you somehow wrote an extra paper on oboes...and i still always want to watch amadeus.

p.s. was the zoo nice? alden said that when a giraffe died at the zoo in mendoza they fed it to the lions.