Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mischa and Mexican Food

So everybody knows I was borderline obsessed with the show The O.C. (and I just say 'borderline' in case somebody who knows I should be doing something better with my time reads this). I heard Mischa Barton was going to be at her movie premier at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. I wanted to get tickets to the show but the box office opened at 8am and alas, I had a Physics Lab I was required to attend at that same time. So I thought maybe I could go up there early and get on the wait list- but by the time I got Sarah and we made it up to Park City and found parking and took the shuttle to the was about 45 mins before it started. 
So, we decided just to walk around and see if maybe there's still seating or maybe we could see someone in the movie around the theater somewhere. So we get off the shuttle walk up to the front of the theater and we instantly here "Mischa's in that car". So I look up and see Mischa Barton walking right in my direction. I fumble for about 30 seconds to take off my gloves (it was literally 5 degrees there) and find my camera in my snow jacket pocket. I get it out and she is standing right in front of me signing autographs and talking to us fans, and I took this fabulous picture with terrible lighting and her looking down. 

So then I hand the camera to Sarah so she can take a picture of Mischa and I, but here's how it turned out ------------>
(yep, nothing. clearly she wasn't planning on me walking to the right and Mischa leaving on the left to go into the theater).
Anyways we stand there for awhile in awe.... realize there's no way we can get into the movie cuz the wait list line was huge... and Sarah just says 'So we saw Mischa....' and I just nod and we both walk back to the shuttle to go back to Main Street and eat. I mean, we accomplished everything we came to do. So we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant on Main St, where of course my dreams came true with an all you can eat salsa bar and fresh guacamole. So we snapped some pictures, walked along the street, and returned home to watch the O.C. and yell "I know herrr" when we she came on. So here's my celebrity star meeting count:
BRETT DETAR (Juliana Theory)
                                                               and Mischa Barton!


ap said...

oh, so now you blog too.

Josh and Tiff said...

Oh nuggles... I am so grateful to be the first to post on your wall. I am so happy you have a blog because I would love to stalk you a little more. Please let's do something soon! And I'm sad Sarah's picture taking skills are sub par.