Wednesday, April 16, 2008


First, of all let's acknowledge that our soccer team won the BYU Intramural Soccer Championship:
Razzmatazz- Christie, Steve, Brit, Jenn, Paul, Brian, Tyler, Me
This has been my goal since i've been playing on an intramural soccer team every semester for 4 and a half years so uh.... thank you to Brit and his 4 goals and our sudden death overtime win one week before my graduation. I will treasure my Champion T-shirt forever. In fact, I'm wearing it right now.

Second, I went to the Jimmy Eat World concert and it was amazing:

Between my strange grin and sarah's hair...this is a weird picture, but it had to be documented.

And last, we made tacos on Sunday and had a grand time playing maffia and spoons which culminated with the most epic spoons game of all time. Oh, and I made my famous Zebra brownies!

Other than that, sorry to everyone I have ignored or hadn't had time to hang out with/respond to. Up until Saturday I was studying nonstop for my Athletic Training Licensing exam. And now because of my neglect of other subjects, I have a D in chemistry, I need a C for grad school, and the final is worth 20% of my grade. Needless to say, I need to work my butt off. There's so much to do before/after graduation and I'm looking forward to things slowing down a bit then. My parents come in like 5 days, yikes. Time to get back to chemistry. 


Kari said...

you're RIGHT this did chear me up...congrats on the soccer championship now you can say youre BYU experience has been complete...besides that D thing..good luck mofo!

ap said...

good thing i picked razzmatazz in my bracket

SocialA said...

your brownies were delicious. Mafia with your home teachers was weird. You should put up some pics of your new view of the ocean that is all i miss you, some times i go to the skate park and watch the children play to remind myself of you, haha, creepy j/k