Monday, May 19, 2008

New Post

So a new post is coming soon with pictures from graduation and my new place in huntington when I go home and get the pictures. In the meantime here's a run-down on my recent daily activities:

- Sunbathing
- Surfing (kinda)
- Milkshakes
- Skateboarding to the liquor store for sparkling apple juice
- Not unpacking
- Not being responsible/employed
- Sleeping in until 1
- Disneyland
- Movies
- Tivo
- Hulu
- Eating (healthier)
- Mexican Food
- Farmer's Market 
- Ikea trips and furniture assembly
- Bella Terra
- Watching the Lakers win
- Briefly attending parties/ward functions

That about covers it for the past few weeks. Unfortunately/fortunately, I meet with my new boss tomorrow morning at 730 am in Newport to discuss my new job over breakfast. Yes, I'll start working now. Oh and I got a haircut.


ap said...

mmmm newport

Kari said...

emphasis on the "briefly" attending ward parties/functions...crap i'm a horrible person to introduce you to HB...i'm such a hermit.

ashlin said...

wow i love the new doo. its sexy!