Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Has Flown By

So in theory, you blog about events and such as they happen but when you're lazy like me, here's how it goes down. I call this the Summer Summary. Or...My Summery:

I worked supervising the Corona Del Mar High School pool for the City of Newport Beach, and this consumed a good majority of my time but when all is said and done it was a pretty good job and there were some fun times:

Fun with our Super Slide
Splash Bash Party:
Surf's Up Movie Night:
Trying to light the BBQ:
Obstacle course:
Me being thrown in pool...
The "Incident"

Next Up- Tiffany and Audrey came to visit me in Huntington Beach! 
Yes, we had pizookies 2 nights in a row and had a great day at Knott's Berry Farm:

We had some fun in Hollywood and Av came along:

              Hollywood Boulevard 
   This was right after Audrey got hit on in a Quickie Mart
  Me awarding Sarah the "Best Student" Award (in hopes it'd inspire her)

And then me and my family took a little vacation to the beach (cuz I just can't get enough beach)

   Trenton probably facebooking
Me & Trenton at the beach
            My sister Jenn & her boys

Showing off Stratton's muscles

pirate game with Sophia


                  Jenn's Boys!

      Weston's new wetsuit:

Trent is ready to go
Almost perfect picture
           Avril came to visit!
    Beach Cruisers at Night:

Sophia claimed Sarah as her new best friend:

That's all for now, I'm going to bed!!!


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Josh and Tiff said...

thanks for blogging about me... i was definitely part of your summery. brat.

Kari said...

sophia is adorable! crap i love your family.