Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bleeding Love

I can't stop watching this dance routine. It is hip hop with emotion and it is amazing. This dance is just: wow. This video just amazes me to no end I like it more and more everytime I watch it. Napoleon and Tabitha are my favorite choreographers this season and Chelsie and Mark are my new favorites in the show. I hope you enjoy it.


ashlin said...

wow im so glad you feel this way. this was def. my favorite dance so far. I don't even know how many times i watched it, it gives me goosebumps every time. I LOVE IT!! i had many favorite parts but i think my most favorite was when he put his hand on her chest and kinda pulled out her heart and just the look of anguish on her face and his look was perfect. it was yummy

Kari said...

i'll admit, i did get chills watching this. and i don't even watch that show. and i'm at work and had the sound off.

Jennifer said...

Yes, I pretty much watch this every night . . . at least two or three times. Avril and I are going to learn the dance. : )