Sunday, February 1, 2009


Do you ever have those days where you just can't stop smiling or laughing to yourself for no apparent reason? Those days when it doesn't matter how much you accomplished or what you have to do you are just... happy. Well, I've had a lot of those days lately. I think I can contribute it to a combination of the sunshine and the warmth on my face, the beautiful beach, the palm trees, and most importantly- the amazing people I have around me. I have the privilege to associate with so many wonderful people on a daily basis that I just can't help but keep a smile on my face. The great examples of all the wonderful people at my church who are always so friendly and selfless. Each of my roommates who can always put a smile on my face for a different reason- I appreciate them all. The friends I've made at school make me grateful I chose to go where I did and I couldn't be happier about their friendship and loyalty. My best friends that I have here who are always there for me, to listen to my daily awkward stories and always give me plenty of reasons to smile. So I guess this blog post is just to simply state two things, I am happy and I am grateful for that. So thank you.

And seriously, with a view like this on your drive to and from school everyday, how can you be anything but happy?


Kari said...

i miss that drive ALOT. i was driving up that way the other day and i totally got emotional. who knew i'd miss long beach.

melissa said...

you are happy because i'm in your life. hahahah ok that was evil. i love you. YOU make me happy.

LiSa said...

So maybe I'm blog stalking you today and just read this post and it makes me think you are even more amazing then I already did, which i'm really not sure if that's even possible. Either way... I love you more than life!