Monday, June 14, 2010

Let's Get This Summer Started

So the day after my last final, which was all the way back at the end of May, I started summer with a bang. We went to the Long Beach Aquarium, followed by Disneyland, followed by a Movie (Letters to Juliet, loved it), and then home to hang with Venice who was neglected during finals.

Then, I do that thing, where I stay up late, dont wake up til noon, take a nap at one, do nothing most of the day.
Then, the Walters came and we had LA day which was awesome-- we did Brea Tar Pits & the Lamp posts outside the LACMA, Phillippe's, the Farmer's Market, and Santee Alley. Good times!

And I got to take some pictures of Melissa's baby the adorable little Leena

And then, it was that stay up late thing again.
So now, I am going to publicly post my summer to do list and hopefully some people can help me make this happen before my internship starts on July 6 when ill be working 8am to 7pm.

- WATER PARK (i LOVE waterparks, raging waters/wild rivers/whatever, lets go!!)
- Surf More- Old man's, newport, mondos, and more BEACH TIME
- Roller Boogie Photoshoot (A $cott)
- Dodgers Game - (All you can eat night anyone??)
- LA Day part II - (Morales?)
- Ventura Day (Sarah?)
- San Diego Day
- ZOO- san diego/la?
- Finish all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy (Marty we got this one)

Ok, I'll stop there before I get carried away. Now, it's time to execute this list. I will start by taking a nap and sleep on it.
Oh, but this weekend....trip to the other slightly less awesome half of the state, but with many wonderful people in it. Audj, Tiff, Michelle, Ashlin- I hope to see you all!


Josh and Tiff said...

can you include in your summer plans... trip to UT to visit your bffs? me, vicky and lace dog? please? also, I will enlist you to take photos of my little guy when he comes, beacuse I like what you do :)

Kari Y Roberto said...

you forgot to mention you're turning 25 next week!! or did you leave that one out on purpose...? oops.