Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Juliana Theory

My favorite band of all time. They broke up about 4 years ago, and they came back one last time for a farewell concert. My very first concert ever was seeing The Juliana Theory at the Troubador in LA with Kari, and now, we got to see them for one last time at the El Rey theater in LA. Here's a little video clip I made with some of the best moments of the show.

Juliana Theory, Final Farewell to Los Angeles from Melanie B on Vimeo.

Kari and I got to meet the band afterward (while Lisa played valet and went and got our car), and they were sooo nice and such an amazing group of people, they stayed after to sign autographs for every single fan and take pictures with them:
Brett, Josh F, Chip, Josh K & Chad.
Some of my favorite memories of playing the drums in my room was with my headphones on and Juliana Theory blaring- especially "If I told you this was killing me" or "Congratulations" or "DTM" or "Top of the World. I think their lyrics are brilliant and the thing I've always loved most about them is that they are even better live than they are on their cd, that's the mark of a truly amazing band.
Thanks for the memories Juliana Theory,

Forever yours,



ap said...

you can take me anywhere

s a r a h said...

there is complete and utter jealousy cursing through my veins right now.