Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the Christmas Sweater

Ok, I know -- my last blog post was about my cat, and this blog post is about my cat. This trend is exponentially decreasing my normalcy rating. Whatever. For anyone who thinks that cats don't have personalities, I think you will be proved wrong in this picture where Venice is giving me her scowling look of disapproval after I tried to put a size small Christmas sweater on her. Turns out, they dont really sell cat sweaters, so I had to get a dog sweater. And they listed the breeds of dogs under each size. Why I thought that she'd be the same size as a chihuahua, i don't know, it just goes to show I've never had a dog. My apologies for giving you a muffin top venice, next time when a sweater is supposed to fit from neck to base of tail, I will measure before purchasing.