Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Since it's long past due and I have much more to blog on, I am going to try to catch up quickly and start with graduation. I think the most memorable part of graduation was when we were all lining up to walk into commencement and it started snowing pretty bad and it was super windy. Everyone was like what the crap, it's april, why is it snowing still?? And as I'm wondering the same thing walking in our two single file lines into the marriott center- suddenly, a gust of wind and snow comes and blows my hat off. This was really awesome as we had just turned the corner to go into the building and I had to go running down the sidewalk in-between the two lines of graduates chasing my hat and tassel in my heels.... Fortunately I caught up to it and held on tight the rest of the way in.
Here's some pictures from all the .....fun:

On my way:

Pose with the parents:

The proud family:

Got it! [From the scary dean who I had to fight to approve my double major]

If you don't get this picture you should probably watch OC Season 3, last epsiode again (before she dies)

The "Graduate(s)"
Oh and yellow tassels are for Bachelors of Science and white are for Bachelors of Art, I'm not saying one is better than the other or anything...

Proud Parents

Mamacita y Yo

Snap a Pic with Ashlin:

Then off to the Afterparty (before the hotel lobby)

(Proud Aunt)

I think Cristina was telling the dirty children to stop running barefoot through the peanut dust...

I still love my Utah Tippy
Tippy and my Model Shot (getting ready)

(it didn't really work)
And to end the wonderful night, since Veronica wouldn't do it- I was forced to saddle up (I rode side saddle like a lady) and then the entire restaurant proceeded to yee-haw at me or something of that nature. Oh well, I rule.


Kari said...

well you can look forward to sweating like a beast during Long Beach's ceremony as they make you wear the ugliest black tent and sit you right in the sun. yea, sick. didn't help my tan any.

very veronica said...

my tassel rules, i'm glad i'm not feeling the residual embarrassment of that saddle ride (as i know you secretly are) and i suddenly realized our entire graduation festivities were missing the touch of Jenn Mcleod.