Friday, June 6, 2008

The New Place

As promised, here are some pictures from my new place in Huntington Beach. I reside in the loft on the third floor, which is pretty nice cuz i have a huge sundeck right outside and I get plenty of sunlight. Four blocks to the beach isn't too bad either.

Front of the House

Front Patio

One of the many random 'bars' in our house

More kitchen
Downstairs living room complete with rock band, flatscreen,  and love sac.
Laundryroom, garage, and bathroom are further back there too and dining room is behind where I'm taking the picture from:
Upstairs living room:

Stairs to the third level/my loft:

My loft/room and door to the balcony:

The balcony/sundeck with my new hammock:

My future study zone:

Well that's most of it, it has 3 other bedrooms and 2 other bathrooms and it's prettymuch awesome. I'm loving it so far! 


very veronica said...

hey spoiled brat, just wanted to say thanks for living the dream and leaving me to rot in provo.

ap said...

wow. so... um... like... when is it you are inviting me over again?

ashlin said...

i love the hammock. thats where i will sleep.